The 2019 Asia Academy of Management Conference in Bali was one of the most successful ever. The conference was well organized and participants got a lot out of the PDW and paper sessions that were organized. The location also contributed to it being a wonderful conference.
Professor Alexander Newman,
Deakin University, Australia
I had great experience attending the 2019 AAoM conference in Bali. The conference was well organized. Congratulations to the organizers for putting together a very successful program
Associate Professor Hao Tan
The University of Newcastle, Australia
The 11th Asia Academy of Management Conference which took place in Bali, Indonesia between July 19 and 21 created an excellent platform for academics from around the world to share their research in the field of management. It allowed the participants to exchange ideas and collaborate on future research topics. Thanks to Universitas Pertamina and Universitas Airlangga the event was a great success
Hubert Zydorek
The University of Texas, Dallas
The conference was very well organized. The insightful speech from Dr. Shaw, great location, and get-togethers with old and new friends from the world made the event very successful. It’s also lovely to have TAOM as a joint organizer to develop a network bridge between Taiwan and Indonesia! Look forward to the future collaboration. Many thanks for your effort and wonderful job!
Yvonne Yeh
National Taiwan University of Science and Engineering
Very well organised, fun and full of Indonesian hospitality. I enjoyed everything.
Masoud Karami
Queenstown Resort College, New Zealand
All the arrangements of the conference were excellent and the hospitality was splendid. The academic sessions including paper presentations witnessed serious discussions and exchange of research ideas. The organizing officials down to the youngest in the group worked with full dedication and smile.
P Rameshan
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), India
The supporting staffs are helpful and facilities for the conference are well prepared. The hotel, the beach and food are all great!
C.S. Wong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Indeed, it was a very rewarding experience attending my first Asia Academy of Management 2019 conference in Bali, Indonesia. I met several new colleagues who were both supportive and interesting to chat with
John Doe
The conference was very intimate and collegial. It was a great opportunity as a researcher from a European university to network with scholars and see new paper ideas from different perspectives
John Doe