Preparation and Characterization of Highly Stretchable and Flexible Strain Sensors Based on Graphene-Elastomer Materials for Oil or Gas Pipeline Monitoring [Muttaqin, Ph.D]

Computational Study on the Impact of Ionic Liquid Based Surfactant on the Formation of Water in Oil Microemulsion [Rifki Muhida, Ph.D]

Experimental and Computational Study of Low Transition Temperature Mixture as Green Solvent for Pretreatment of Biomass Production

Application of Lignin as Urease Inhibitor as Part of Energy Efficient Fertilization Approach

EnergyAccess and Suistainability Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity

Synthesis of High Performance Stainless Steel Alloy for Application in Oil and Gas Pipelines

CFD Analysis on the Performance of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) with Embedded Phase Change Materials (PCM) as Wall Insulator